Widow Shark

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Widow Shark

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Widow Shark
Threat Level: **
Experience: 7
A silver grey anthropomorphic shark that is seen in the islands coral reefs. It's sleek skin reflects light off it's body, almost perfectly smooth despite appearing incredibly muscular and athletic. It maneuvers and flips through the water with grace and speed, a single fin from it's back the only sign of the impending danger.

You have to go pretty off course to run into one of these folks, and a beginner is probably going to meet their end pretty quick. Widow Sharks are merciless in their pursuit of what they want. Ya'll can guess what they want. They come in male and female variety, but the fact that their body is engineered for underwater power - and ya'll can only find `em underwater, means they have the upper hand in an encounter. The males are equipped for double action while the females make up for it with a powerful suction down below. They play rough, they bite, they leave marks, and they'll drag you to Davy Jone's Brothel in a heartbeat.

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