Hunter Types

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Hunter Types

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Hunters are those who brave the dangers for fame and fortune. Most hunters fall into one of several basic categories.

Warrior: A warrior doesn't rely on magic or proxies to challenge their opponents, but their own strength and agility. Warriors train to become better so they can best their opponents physically, dominate them, and claim victory. Warriors have the edge against opponents at close range, but are weak to magic.

Physically capable combatant (+1 Strength, +1 Endurance)
Powerful Penetration Moves (+2 Penetration)
Gain an extra pleasure success for every level of Physical Advantage (+1 for Minor to +3 for Major)

Limited Arcanum (-2 Magic)

Pet Trainers: Pet Trainers typically don't engage in conflict directly until the danger has been subdued by their trained monsters. Monsters are raised from eggs found in locations such as Bente Island or Tao Tower. At most, one trainer can have two monsters with them at a given time. If the hunter is defeated, monsters return home to wait for their masters eventual return.

Nimble and Charismatic (+1 Agility, +1 Will)
Can raise powerful, versatile familiars from eggs

Physically and Magically weak (-1 Strength, -1 Magic)

Mage: What the Mage Hunter lacks in direct combat, they make up for with powerful spells that can bolster allies and cripple opponents. Mages prefer to use their abilities at range, forcing their opponents into a state where they can be easily overcome, and rely on skill rather than brute force to win the day.

Intelligent (+1 Magic, +1 Technique)
Capable of wielding arcane powers and items

Physically weaker (-2 Strength)

Scholar: More of a lover than a fighter, scholars tend to be less combatant and more tag-along/escort. Scholars rely almost exclusively on skills and others, and prefer to assist their adventuring party, whether that be by collecting items to sell or 'healing the party'

Skillful (+2 Endurance, +2 Technique)
Scholars can finish off allies without increasing their climax count. They still have to roll Endurance however to recover.
Scholars don't lose any items after a 'game over' and have twice as many slots

Monsters that 'dominate' a Scholar come back to full Stamina Points
Unsuited for Combat (-1 Agility, -1 Strength, -1 Magic, -1 Will)
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