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Arts and Culture Centre

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Proprietor: Nico Southey
Although Monsbaia once had a booming cultural trade, much of that tapered off when boorish adventurers started to meander into town, leaving the town devoid of any culture. Enter Nico, a tomboy of a woman who wants to bring culture back to the city. Nico almost alwayus demonstrates unflappable happiness and optimism, though she can have bouts of stubborn rage at the drop of a hat. Nico is no stranger to the tower in her efforts to try to secure Monsbaia's cultural future.

Historic Property Restoration

5000gs      The Monsaiba Theatre

Performers from all over used to visit and put on vivid performances for audiences before the downturn. It probably wouldn't take much to bring it back up to code. You never know who might turn up for a show.

10000gs     The Hot Springs

Monsbaia used to have a really popular hotspring in the North West corner, but it needs some fixing up. I bet all kinds of interesting things could happen if it were repaired. It'll take a lot of Starlings though...

20000gs     The Hospital

Once a world renowned treatment center, the hospital in town has been relegated to a doctors office. With the right funding, we could bring in some new staff and get the place up and running again!
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