About Monsbaia

The adventurer town built at the base of Tao Tower. Many have come here in search of fame, fortune and adventure, though the small hamlet has developed it's own laws and rules outside of the world around it. Many who wander the desert find their way here...

About Monsbaia

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The town of Monsbaia exists relatively far from other civilization, reaching it requires considerable effort and travel and crossing a relatively perilous desert. The town was founded by adventurers who came to explore Tao Tower, though formalized into a settlement over the years as a sort of gold-rush town for explorers. The legends of treasure and fame reach far and wide, drawing people from all over... though once they arrive, leaving is sometimes a difficult proposition. With a population of a few thousand, most services one might need to find can be found, though the local economy is on the decline due to a number of hunters moving on; an influx of Gold Starlets (The local coinage, abbreviated gs and usually shortened to 'G's') would likely bring the town back to full swing. Due to the towns proximity and primary source of income, there are no public decency laws - however some residents are still squeamish to the concept. A police force does exist to enforce property and criminal law, though anything but serious crimes is usually punished by a period in the stockades by the north gate, providing either release for frustrated hunters departing the tower or warm up for those entering it.

The towns main streets divide it into four quarters. The north east quarter is primarily the entertainment district with an out of commission hot spring, restaurant, bar and community theatre/performing stage. The north-west quarter contains residences ranging from basic apartments to private houses. South-west quarter is commerce, with most of the shops being set up along a small road. The South-east contains many public buildings such as a library, police office, fire brigade, and the Arts and Culture Centre.

The town exists not far from a large, seemingly plain brown stone tower with a garden visible at the very top, just north of the towns north gate. Attempts to scale the tower from the outside have been met with magical resistance. A single bridge crosses an abyss like chasm to a pair of large black doors that will open automatically for any hero, giving them access to Tao Tower. Tao Tower is what most adventurers come for, supposedly 100 floors of treasure, adventure, lust and romance await, though anyone who can make it past floor 15 is a rare occurrence.

To the east sits a small inlet with a dockyard and harbour. Although none of the boats are large enough to sail far, they are capable of reaching a tropical island chain known as the Bente Islands. The islands are enchanted by a similar spell to the tower, constantly changing their internal layouts and refreshing treasure caches, but the monster population is less aggressive and generally, making it good for beginners to whet their teeth on.

Around the town is a mixture of mountains, grasslands, forests that make up the Mondominio peninsula. Beyond that is the desert. Monsters that can survive in the wilds tend to be hyper aggressive and dangerous - venturing outside the town is ill-advised without considerable preparation.
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