About the Bente Islands

A short sail from the Monsbaia Harbour leads one to this forested island chain. Most of the monsters here are relatively tame and non-aggressive, making it a good choice for beginners despite the slight risk of being overwhelmed.

About the Bente Islands

Postby admin » Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:41 pm

Heya! This is Nico Southey, just giving y'all a friendly introduction to the islands. The Bente islands start about .. well.. it's kinda hard to say how far out they start.. but you'll know when you get there. Theres a ferry that takes hunters out to the island every so often. The closest islands are always the friendliest, but usually picked over for treasure fairly quickly, so the pickings not usually as good. The monsters here are tame and generally won't bother you until you bother them, but they're still a lot of fun... not that I'd .. y`know.. know or anything! I've dabbled.. but... ANYWAY! Once you're on the island, the only way off is with a Crystal, either a NopNop or an Oleem Crystal... well, there are other ways, they just aren't as clean.

The first island in the chain is a Emerald Coast Island, nice sandy beaches, small jungle in the center. Eventually you'll come to a rope bridge that leads to Tide Lagoon Island, the monsters are a bit more dangerous and aggressive there, so be sure you're prepared. Off the shore of Tide Lagoon, there's a spooky ship graveyard and the Coral Reef, but you'll need an Air Pearl to explore it. The exact layout tends to change in the same way the tower does, but it's a bit more consistent in shape. Somewhere around there, I heard there's a pirate cavern filled with treasure, but where there's pirate treasure.. there's probably pirates.

A second rope bridge off Tide Lagoon will take you to the Tempest Archipelago. Powerful winds and rains tend to drive into the area at all times, making for a steamy, stormy encounter with the denizens there. Not that I've ever gone out that far in my whites, y`know, I've got a reputation. Past that, well.. honestly it's been a while since anyone's gone out that far and it's probably all changed.. You'll have to go out there and let us know what's there.
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